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Technology Services Corps is a non-profit organization based in the Seattle area that engages youth in technology-oriented service projects, including working in teams to refurbish used computers, to install them in underserved areas around the world, and to teach the recipients in the use and maintenance of the computers. TSC promotes leadership and skill development, community service, and global perspectives in youth who are engaged in the organization. It also promotes access to technology for communities around the world that lack such access due to limited resources. The founders of the organization who serve on the Governing and Youth Advisory Boards have a wealth of experience in leading and supporting worldwide technology services trips.


Through well-planned service trips, we will cultivate student leadership and promote technology-oriented service work in underserved areas. We want to assure that future generations of students have opportunities to develop technology and leadership skills; consider career opportunities in technology, international relations, and community service; learn how to give of themselves and help diminish the 'digital divide'; promote environmental stewardship by learning how to recycle old computers; and promote cultural exchange and global change friendships. We also want to help provide access to educational and vocational opportunities for communities that may have few other options. Students will plan and lead trips, take computers to under-served areas, set up computer labs, and teach partners in the host community how to use and maintain the computers and labs.


The impact of these service trips is felt both in country, by the student volunteers who dedicate their time and energy to these projects, and by the adults who volunteer and support TSC. Click here to see what some have said about their experiences with TSC.


We appreciate the collaborative working relationship with and support of InterConnection, a Seattle-based non-profit computer recycling center. Students engaged in TSC trips are given great opportunities for hands-on work with computers at InterConnection. In addition, InterConnection partners with TSC for computer drives, which help promote recycling of computers while offsetting the overall costs of computers students take to schools overseas. Check our donations page for upcoming computer drives.

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