The Impact of TSC

Through the generous contributions of time, money, skill, passion, hard work, dedication, and team spirit, TSC and 186 student volunteers have installed 553 computers in 20 school labs serving 5840 students in underserved areas overseas. This work has been done in 8 countries over the course of 18 trips in the past 10 years.

The impact of these service trips is felt both in country, by the student volunteers who dedicate their time and energy to these projects, and by the adults who volunteer and support TSC.

Here is what some have said about the impact of TSC:

“Ever since I went on my first TSC trip to Guatemala, a spark inside me that I never knew existed came alive. I met the most amazing people from both Seattle and abroad who shared that same vision of change and improvement that I had always thought about. I learned to take risks by immersing myself in the different cultures and realizing it's okay to eat soup with chicken blood in it, try a bite of guinea pig head and hike up an active volcano to see flowing lava a few feet away. Those experiences and those friendships I made on my TSC trips sparked my dream to work with kids in the field of global health after I graduate from college. I still constantly think back on my TSC trips and I know how much they've influenced my life and made me who I am today.”

– Kate Collins

Student Volunteer

“The students we work with are so grateful for our service, and it's so extraordinary to see some of them use a computer for the first time, to watch their awe as they type their names onto Microsoft Word. These moments of lending my hand to underprivileged students have been the most moving experiences. Watching their joy in learning, I have realized my enthusiasm for technology can serve a larger purpose.”

– Jenny Lin

Student Volunteer

“From each place and each TSC trip I went on, one of the most amazing things was the other high schoolers we got to meet and spend time with. From the many different people that participated from Garfield, to those from Ecuador and Guatemala, it was incredible to see that we were essentially all the same. Although we spoke different languages and had different lives, we could all connect and become friends with one another, and we could all be a part of not just our local communities, but a global community as well.”

– Hannah Collins

Student Volunteer

“It is hard to describe how powerful the TSC trips are for me. It is very rewarding working closely with a diverse TSC team – watching them grow with leadership skills, friendship, and compassion they offer to their peers and children around the world. The energy and enthusiasm of the students who receive the computers is heartwarming – providing mutual respect, understanding, and hope for a better future.”

– Barb Gurley

TSC Board Member

“When Madeleine came home and said she wanted to participate in TSC we were thrilled. What better way for her to see the world, get to know more Garfield students and contribute to the quality of life of students in underserved areas of the world? Personally, I am connected to a group of parents at Garfield and feel like I am helping to contribute to an organization that makes the Garfield experience special. I have made so many meaningful relationships both with our students and other board members and parents. Hearing about the impact these trips had for these students has been so uplifting. Their cross-cultural experience, passion for installing computers and teaching the students abroad is remarkable. My daughter developed leadership skills and language proficiency, both of which have become integral parts of her current pursuits.”

– Rebecca Heller

Parent & TSC Board Member