Day 1

Today was a long day for most. We had about a three hour flight to Houston Texas. Two hours later we were boarding the plane once more for Costa Rica. The first thoughts of most were how hot and humid it was stepping off the plane. With much excitement we headed to pick up the tubs and went to get a bus. Everyone was very tired and most slept for the entire bus ride, all three hours to the Cabinas. I stayed up for most of it trying to keep myself from falling asleep, while talking to the driver, he informed me that the acres and acres of vegetation on our left and right were either sugar cane or coffee. It was quite a sight, seeing miles of beautiful hillside. When we got to the Cabinas We unloaded the tubs and got settled into our rooms before leaving for the school.

We were greeted by 6 elementary school students and their teachers. They lead us to the lunch room where they prepared a nice tortilla and beef dinner. Afterwards the teachers showed us some of the school rooms where they teach. Apparently Costa Rica is on a mission to get rid of almost all landfill by 2020 and their tables and chairs were made of a aluminum foil like substance that the kids recycled from their milk/juice cartons. By this time it is dumping with rain and lightning is frequent. We also saw some awesome toads hanging out in the rain posing for emma’s pictures.

The kids showed us two dances, both brief but very entertaining, traditional Costa Rican dancing. Afterwards we headed home thankfully the rain had stopped but not the thunder. Now we are currently in a team meeting discussing when to wake up tomorrow and what we will do. Sounds like we’re getting up at about 7:30, to be ready to go at 8am tomorrow.


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