Day 2

Today has been exhausting. Even those who were lucky enough not to be woken up by Steven’s incessant and eardrum-shattering snores still were crawling out of their rooms bright and early to greet  our first full Tican day. As is becoming the norm, we were served excellent food at the school for breakfast, consisting rice and beans (called “gallo pinto”) and eggs coupled with Costa Rica’s famous coffee. After breakfast, our fantastic guide Gabriel brought us to his house and had us work with sugar cane, creating a delicious juice for the group to devour. Following this, we took a hike to a nearby river (with many stops to sample local fruits along the way) to enjoy a mid morning swim alongside some adventurous local boys. The water was cool and refreshing, and was a perfect way to beat the late morning heat that had been bearing down since we had woken up. Eventually we begrudgingly left the water and headed back to the schoolhouse for lunch.

Just like breakfast, lunch was both new and delicious. Slurping down the last of our broth, we were introduced to a couple of Tican additions to our group, Julieta and Stefani. They accompanied us to our next destination, a local farm that is using fungus as an organic way to combat insect predators on their rice crop. We visited their labs and then observed their livestock at work. It was an enriching experience to see how people in other countries conduct their lives, and the developments they have made that could help us all in the near future.

The rest of the day was fairly chill, as the group ate dinner together at the cabinas, had our first venture into town to barter and stock up on snacks, spent time playing various games, and talked well into the night in our rooms. Here’s looking forward to an awesome day at the zoo and hot springs tomorrow!


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