Day 3

Que dia! We began the day a little earlier than yesterday--in order to have time for all the weekend excursion activities. A luxurious 32-seat bus arrived at 7:30 to chauffer the group to another delicioso breakfast at the school. Gallo pinto again! Me gusta! After breakfast we took the bus to a zoo. Steven is bullying me. Also he’s telling me he’s never talking to me again, which is a lie. What a weirdo. Anyway we took the bus to a zoo, which was actually an animal rescue center. Baby capybaras and deer frolicked on either side of the path as we walked along, and lots of hearts melted. We saw spider monkeys (and had staring contests with them), parrots, lions, leopards, poisonous snakes, some goofy-beaked birds, and many more lovely living creatures. After we trekked our way to the salida, Tim gave us a crash course on the life of a strangler fig. As it turns out, lots of plants live on other plants.

Our second excursion was to the sulfurous hot springs of a volcano. The bus took us on another scenic route through rolling Costa Rican hills to the hot springs. We walked a ways through the jungle to get where we were going after being dropped off. Lunch was a rice dish with chicken. The hot springs had orangeish water, and even though a few of us initially felt a little ambivalent about it, we all had lots of fun playing in the hot orange pools and the cold blue pool. Anise and I had a long (somewhat tedious) Spanish-learning conversation with Gabriel, our main Costa Rican guide and amigo. Some of our group went to watch a movie in a shelter down the road.

We turned into prunes, got out of the water, went to look for everyone else, and many of us found ourselves in a volleyball game. Sharette seemed to be the only one who ever actually played volleyball, and the rest of us had very little control over where the ball went after hitting our hands. There were a few crisis moments when the ball almost rolled across the road and down into the river, but we luckily avoided that catastrophe.

For dinner, we went to a pizzeria in Aguas Zarcas. We shopped around town until it was time to go back to the cabinas. A few girls stayed behind with Angelica to get fitted for vestidos—dresses. Back at the cabinas, we hung out with Stefani and Julie and settled down, slowly making our way to our beds, watching TV, and getting sleepier until we finally conked.


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