Day 4

At 6:30 am, we loaded the bus and headed to the school to eat our usual breakfast of rice and beans – gallo pinto. After eating we started the long two hour trek to Tenorio Volcano National Park for to see the famous Rio Celeste. On our journey, there was much confusion as we stopped at many markets and random other locations. Many team members bought T-shirts and traditional Costa Rican masks. It’s weird how all the Americans wanted to buy the authentic Costa Rican attire, but all the locals want American clothing. The bus was also forced to stop multiple times for a bike race that was taking place, which was very frustrating to all of us who could not see the bikes, and were stuck on the stuffy hot bus in confusion.

The hike was beautiful. It was two miles up to sky blue waterfall. The trail was muddy and we scrambled up the roots and slid on the rocks until our legs were caked in dirt. As we hiked, the Costa Ricans would shout to each other, and at random times they would scream and start running up the hill. In the end, the team was scattered all throughout the hill, but we all met at the end at the waterfall. The water was gorgeous because the copper and sulfur minerals mixed. The result of that was a beautiful cobalt-blue color. At this point, we were all famished. It was almost 3pm and we hadn’t had lunch. The walk down was treacherous as we all attempted not to slide and fall on our faces in the mud; some were more successful than others…

Finally it was lunch, and we feasted on the strangest sandwiches; they were made of lettuce, tomatoes, ham, lime mayo, squeeze cheese and ketchup. Yum! On the way back to the hotel, we stopped at Arbol De La Paz, a massive and beautiful tree in the middle of the forest. We had a small photo shoot with the vegetation before leaving. Everyone fell asleep to the bus engine and woke to darkness, though it was only 6 o’ clock. Tired and dirty, we ate at a Chinese restaurant, which surprisingly, was not bad.

Now everyone is just chilling in the hotel watching weird movies that are played in English. Tomorrow we get to sleep in until 9!