Day 5

Unlike all the previous days, today we woke up and started the day at ten A.M. The extra hours we were given today were well needed after the intense hike from yesterday. I was excited because this was the first day we started working on setting up the computer lab. While imaging the laptops was a bit confusing for me, I asked for help multiple times. Still, the entire day was well worth it.

Students would randomly walk up to the door and smile looking at their new computer lab to be. Seeing the smile and anticipation on their faces helped push me to strive for the best. In addition to working on the computer lab, many of us visited classes in session, and were allowed to participate in the classes. Seeing school in a different perspective and a different country was fascinating, and the process alone was life changing.  To add even more fun to the day, a group of children from the school and the entire TSC group played an exhausting game of soccer right before lunch.  After we finished working in the computer lab today we took a surprise trip to the nearby river.

Unlike the hot springs we visited previously, the water today was FREEZING. Because my swimsuit was still dirty, I opted to just stick my feet in, and enjoy the surrounding nature. The river itself was beautiful, because in this particular location, there were three fallen trees, which acted as a bridge, and a small waterfall, almost slightly mimicking the huge one we saw yesterday.  As usual, the walk back consisted of picking star fruit from trees and crazy barking dogs.

Once we arrived back at the cabinas, a few students and I walked across the street to purchase machetes and light snacks. Dinner today was brought to us, leaving the rest of the night to enjoy each other’s company.



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Bob Huppe says:

I am so touched by the work you are doing in Costa Rica as I have been on all the trips I have taken with TSC but I am more touched by how much Costa Rica and the idea of service to others is touching your spirits. Keep up the good work by all means but It is my hope that these experiences change you lives forever...Bob, Ben's dad

The Mace Family says:

The TSC community is thankfuk for all your hard work, and we hope that you also have alot of fun!

Jonathan King says:

We really appreciate your blog posts. The work that you are doing and the interaction with Tican kids in Costa Rica are so important and fulfilling. Plus you are in a very special place on the earth. Soak it up and enjoy!

Canty-Gill Family says:

Hello TSCers!

So thrilled to hear that you're getting to see the incredible impact that your service is making on this village and the children who live there. Thanks for all the wonderful updates. It's great to hear that you're enjoying yourselves so much.

Cheers! Mary Beth & Jason

Skylar Lindsay says:

Quality soccer and computer imaging - classic TSC.

Ocie Baker says:

I'm so glad to hear you are not only learning, you are also enjoying learning. hard work has it's own rewards. We love and miss you too.

Eliza Cohn says:

I went on a TSC trip my junior year of high school in 2009 and still think about it constantly! Keep up the good work..that sounds so fun at the school. Working with the kids was definitely my favorite part.


Rebecca Heller and family says:

We are so happy to hear of the adventures you are having and that the work you are doing installing computers is being met with excitement from the students. Imagine how this will open their world! Your service is so much appreciated. You should be proud that you are the first TSC group that has gone to Costa Rica. I'm sure Madeleine will tell you these trips were the highlight of her high school career !

Jan Sinsheimer, Former Board Member says:

Sounds like a wonderful trip already. Keep up the great work along with some great fun. Jan

lynna says:

A wise past trip lead once told me this and therefore am passing it forward that remember, those crazy barking dogs are not your friends!! Don't touch em, no matter how cute they are. Don't come home with rabies dylan!!