Day 7

What a day! We started out the day as usual, with breakfast at the school. Today we enjoyed some delicious handmade tortillas and eggs, with glasses of fresca- juice, on the side. We helped out today at the school a little differently, we split up between the different classes and taught the kids the different parts of the human body and different foods. I was with the first and second graders- they are so cute! We played bingo and the kids had fun learning how to pronounce different foods in English, mushroom was one of their favorites. As usual, we also played soccer with them at the field across the street from their school, the boys loved to take off their shirts to look like Issac. Although we were all tired from soccer, the games continued as we and the kids had a massive game of Frisbee, needless to say we were all dirty by the end of recess.

Lunch was a tasty soup of chicken and chickpea soup with rice and juice. We all conversed about how sad we all were to be leaving these kids, but to our delight we found out that we will be staying another day; the goodbyes won’t have to be said yet! After school we went to Rio Negritos to swim and cool off from the hot day. Crossing the river was hard; the slippery rocks didn’t provide us much stability and the current only made it worse. It was worth it in the end though; we got to see a Congo monkey in the trees and many different types of flowers. The walk back to our Cabinas was also nice and we got to dry off from the river.  Rokea and I saw little dogs, cows, butterflies and even tropical birds.

One thing I noticed today especially was the friendliness of the people, everyone honked and said hello as they passed which made me feel very welcome. We spent the night eating snacks and playing ping-pong and foosball outside in the cool night air. I’m so excited for tomorrow, but at the same time a little sad, we won’t be seeing the elementary school kids anymore. It was the experience of a lifetime. Pura Vida everybody!