Day 8

Waking up to rain this morning wasn’t the most pleasant but it still didn’t bring my day down. Since I slept over at Stephanie’s house, I didn’t get a chance to do some tree planting earlier today. From what I heard from the other TSC members, it was a little too early to be outside in the dirt to be planting this species of tree that it grows 6 centimeters daily but tree planting was still fun. Like yesterday, a monkey showed up.

We all met up at the school to eat some breakfast which was a sweet tortilla with sour cream or cheese- crema or queso. Afterwards, we went to the classrooms to help teach the students. Today, they were learning math. As always, the kids are excited to see us. Their smiles always brighten up everybody’s day. Since today was our last day working with them, the kids in Gabriel’s (our awesome host/tour guide) class baked us a cake that said “Pura Vida”. The cake was very delicious.

Saying goodbye was the hardest, it was definitely something that broke all our hearts. After our small goodbye party was over, the kids left and we stayed in the computer lab just to fix some glitches. Later, we chilled for like an hour or so. The busseta came to pick us up but we had to make 2 trips to make room for all our computer stuff. After everyone arrived, we all hung out in our rooms at the cabinas. Dinner later arrived by our friends Johan and Stephanie, and we feasted on rice, beans, yucca and fresh squeezed limeade. Yum! After dinner, people either talked on the patio or in their rooms watching TV. The day may have started a little unpleasantly but ended overall fantastic.