Day 10

Today we woke up to another rainy day, although today at a much later time than usual. Breakfast arrived at around nine o’clock, which helped us all awaken, and we were all very appreciative. Today, because of the rain we had no defined plans, so after breakfast we all went back to the cabinas to watch TV and catch up on our sleep. After remaining at the cabinas for a while, a few of us went to the nearby restaurants for lunch, while others headed to a nearby town with shops, Aguas Zarcas. After everyone returned to the cabinas, we all rested while trying to comprehend the Spanish television. Later, we ate our dinner of rice and beans, and then we headed off to watch a local soccer game in which Stephanie, our local friend’s, brother was playing. I am still amazed at the talent of those soccer players. After the soccer game , we all headed back to the cabinas. Some people went  for “helado con los melocotones” or ice cream and peaches at a local restaurant, while others went to sleep. Today was a much needed relaxing day after all the activities we have participated in.


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