Day 9

Aside from my body exhaustion this morning, our later start at 9am left us optimistic for what our last Friday in Costa Rica had in store for us. Today was the first day we were going to a new elementary school in Venecia, about a 30 minute drive from Aguas Zarcas. Driving up to Escuela La Union wasn’t as different as I expected, since we were informed that the school was in a more impoverished neighborhood. The insides of the classrooms were painted with children and a myriad of colors, which caught your eye immediately as you walk in, showing a different atmosphere than the school where we were used to.

We were welcomed by the teachers as they escorted us to la cocina, where a variety of fruits and bread were served for breakfast. After, we set up ten computers and five laptops in a classroom which we finished surprisingly fast. That gave us time to play with the kids, who were so excited to play anything from Frisbee to soccer, and they even taught some of us Chinese jump rope. It’s always fun for us to play with kids. We ate lunch and spent more time playing and talking with the kids, learning a lot of their names.

From the school we were taken through an incredibly muddy trail which came as a surprise to us all, and 20 minutes later we arrived at a farm to see cows. We took a short tour of the farm, seeing the process of milking the cows. We then took turns riding the ox cart. My group had the most fun, because halfway through the ride the oxen stop and fail to move forward. When the farmers try to guide the oxen, one of them tumbles and the ox cart breaks! Realizing our ride was over, two of us in the front of the cart hopped out, and since the weight wasn’t even anymore the cart flew back. It ended up sending all of us in the cart falling on top of each other vertically, which at the moment shocked us all.

Shortly after, we were taken to ride horses. Alexis rode first and made us look like first-timers since she’s had the practice, and nearly all of us had a chance to ride Paloma. My ride was more fun than expected. I took both hands off of the rope and the horse jerked to run fast. I almost fell off! Still, it was fun seeing us all accomplish it, especially those who were actual first-timers or were scared.

The last part of our day was milking the goat which a lot of us enjoyed. The rain started to come down hard, so we made our way back to the cabinas where rice and pork was cooked in individual boxes for us. We took to our rooms for a peaceful evening to our jam-packed day.

Paz, Amor, Pura Vida