Day 11

Hola chicos y chicas de los Estados Unidos! Today we woke up to what we thought would be a delightful alternative to the usual rice and bean breakfast, to our surprise it was rice and bean sandwiches for all!! White bread with processed square ham, topped off with delicious mayonnaise and black bean spread. Let’s just say we started our day hungry.

With our stomachs empty and our lack of sleep, the news that we would spend the day hiking a volcano made everyone cringe. After an hour bus ride we arrived to the scenic town of La Fortuna. The handmade items, beautiful volcano, and delicious snacks started to brighten up our day. We found our way into a hole in the wall store where we purchased a variety of brightly hand woven items. After the short 30 minutes we had to browse around the town, we piled back onto the bus for another hour of bumpy roads and cramped sitting positions.  When we finally reached Arenal National Park, we had a tasty lunch of…rice and beans. Oh and pasta salad and Tang too. While we were eating our lunch, we discovered two different wasp nests. We had to convince Dylan not to throw a rock at it. Once everything was thrown away and everyone was packed up, we began our journey to the scenic views of the volcano. Along the way we came upon a Tarzan vine where everyone took turns swinging while yelling “ahhhyeeeyahhhhhh”. The one mile hike on volcanic rock was worth the amazing view from up top. We were able to see the entire area of the volcano and the lagoon that surrounded it. What a sight that was. We walked back down on a different but muddy pathway, leading us to a place where we could swim in the lagoon. When we could finally see the lagoon we could see the beautiful black sand on the beach created by the volcanic eruptions. Emma was the first to discover the quickness of the sinking sand on the beach. As soon as she walked up to dip her toes into the water, she shrunk almost a foot into the water and quickly screamed to warn us that the sand was eating her legs up. A few brave souls decided to swim in the dark and ominous water.

On the bus ride home, everyone tried to get a quick nap in before dinner. Once showered and ready, everyone walked down to a local restaurant for our last meal of the day. We took up almost the entire restaurant and made the waiter feel very busy. Upon finishing our food, it was time to return to our cabinas for TV watching and socializing. Then Steven made us write this blog, and here we are!

Adios muchachos