Day Negative 1 - Anticipation for Ecuador

Hey Everyone,

I thought I would try a test post back home before we left so as not to be completely baffled if the blog acts up in country. With our flight less than 24 hours away I can't help but wonder if the trip will be more like "Ernest Goes to Camp" or "Slam Dunk Ernest". Oh well at least it's not "Ernest Goes to School". The 3 greatest movies of all time aside, I know that the rest of the group share my excitement for the trip and can't wait to be dragged out of bed at 4:00 AM only to be relocated to the bustling building known as Sea-Tac International Airport (I hope security lives up to its billing as a nonstop thrill ride). I hope to be updating the blog daily with pictures when possible.

Adios, (I've been brushing up on my Spanish)