Day 1 - Ready to Rumble

Hey everyone,

Johannes here, fresh from my Rocky-esque mano-a-mano with altitude and its resulting affects. (I won) We were held up at customs because apparently the nation of Ecuador was fed up with the notorious Paul Blackburn and would have none of it when he tried to return to the country. We hopped on a bus this morning, stopping only once to visit “The Equator”, who, I'm pretty sure, based the name, is a Math Genie who can solve any equation (correct me if I'm wrong) (Edit: I'm wrong). We soon arrived at the Radio Baha'i building in Otavalo, where we will be staying for the duration of the trip. The guys' room is stacked with tubs and has a few low hanging bars inconvenient for the likes of Neil and CJ, our resident Yao Mings, but the soccer field in the middle provides an amusing diversion provided the altitude doesn't do you in by the first  minute. Tomorrow marks our first expedition to the Baha'i school, and a TSC group slightly more acclimated to the elevation. But for now I must say goodbye, as our inaugural Jenga game awaits. Radio Baha'i is bristling with anticipation for our brick-pulling prowess.

Until tomorrow,

Dr. Johannes Harkins