Day 7 - Laundry Day At Last

Today is our laundry day which means that finally the 4 pairs of socks I had brutally defiled over the course of the week could once again be made holy. Some people woke up early to go to the animal market but I opted out of the 6:30 wake up call to give my legs a rest from the last day. We walked to the laundromat early this morning, our pillowcases full of clothes in tow.

We then prepared ourselves for the gauntlet that is the Saturday market. Harangued by countless street vendors, we trudged our way through the massive crowd until we reached El Dorado: the Saturday craft market. The legends of knitted masks and alpaca sweaters had been fulfilled. Neil, Abe, Nathan and I put on our bartering goggles and dug in. We hustled jersey salesmen and smooth talked the sweater lady, and everyone spent all of their hard earned dough buying shiny things for their parents. As our group emerged from the fray with our bounty we were truly the kings of the market.

After the coronation, we returned back in enough time for me to finish the most depressing book of all time (The Road) and then head out to the crater lake, Quicocha. We took a short boat tour, enjoyed the views and collected our complimentary hot cider and then packed it in.

Everyone is looking forward to our fancy night out including Sorrenne's birthday dinner and cake back at Radio Baha'i. Don't ruin the surprise.



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