Day 8 - Week 2

Today we attended a Catholic confirmation ceremony wherein Paul was the godfather or “Don Pablo” to one of the children. The church was extremely crowded so us gringos were relegated to the doorway or outside. While we waited for the ceremony to end, CJ became the official property of a low metal awning, which asserted its authority by giving CJ a massive wang to the head.

After a bit of a wait, the ceremony ended and we walked in a bit of a procession to Maria's (Paul's friend and the mother of his godchild) house for lunch. We got a brief tour of the house, discovered that roosters can indeed have Afros, and visited the guinea pig room. We were served delicious soup and when we were finished, a special treat was brought out. A guinea pig, on its back, fried, and basically as intact as it was in life, was delivered on a plate of potatoes. Although a few people neglected to sample the interesting new food, others, including myself, sampled meat from the limbs, body and even the head.

We bussed home and are taking a relaxing afternoon before we begin work at the Quichinche School tomorrow. Last night's dinner was a luxurious Italian meal complete with a pan flute serenade. Tonight, however, we venture into the streets to fend for ourselves, left only with five dollars and our wits. It's basically like Survivorman only cooler. Wish us luck.



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