Day 9 - Human Economics

Today we started work in earnest at the Quichinche school, and the thrill ride to the school in the back of a pickup was matched only by the heartwarming reception from the people there. Their generous hospitality included Dragonball-Z cereal (which was ragin') and yogurt for a snack, and a hearty lunch to replenish us after a hard days work of customizing operating systems.

While we waited for the bus, a small boy approached Nathan and I with the proposition of a pickup soccer game. We kicked the ball with him until the bus came, when he asked us “tienes agua?” “Do you have water?” We couldn't help but donate our water to the little boy who ran to his friends with his trophy.

After we got back we briefly ventured into the market, entering with no mischievous intent, but leaving having more than satisfied our quotient for trouble.  We finally left the market, much to its collective relief, and returned back to Radio Baha'i.

Abe continued to be tortured mercilessly, being locked in the shower by the mysterious outside locks of the stall doors. Also he saw a kitty. Stay tuned for more of Amazing Abe's Awesome Adventures!!!



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