Day 10 - Crimp-a-thon

Today we began stripping the existing computers at the Quichinche school of their useless software, which were eating up their precious few megabytes of RAM. In this process we found quite a few, shall we say, “interesting” files on their hard drives, including cartoon pornography (Abe's virgin eyes were spared), and believe it or not, something a lot worse.

While some worked to finish operating systems on the computers, others began crimping cable, which, if the Baha'i School was any indicator, would be a long and arduous process. However, due to the combination of Samma and Kate's neat labeling that was severely lacking in our last lab, and the discovery that every wire that didn't work at the Baha'i school just wasn't crimped hard enough, the cables of this lab proved to be much less of a chore.

In other news, Amazing Abe had a much less eventful day. He fell ill briefly, but was revived when CJ offered him enough Vitamin-C to kill a Rhinoceros. Also he saw no kitties.

A few people sustained minor injuries in fierce rounds of Spoons, and yet more were wounded on the battle ground that is Extreme-Spoons. As we speak, I type my dying words, with a spoon through my spleen. Mom, Dad, don't give any of my stuff to Eli.



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