Days 11 & 12 - The Home Stretch

Unfortunately for the faithful blog readers, Johannes got stuck doing the dishes tonight, meaning that I am getting the chance to write one of the final blog entries of the trip (I was Johannes' only competition for blog writer before the trip, so I'm pretty pumped).

Today was our final day working at the Quichinche school, where we finished our 32-computer lab, as well as teaching a class to the teachers of the school. The team was suffering from a severe case of acute minesweeper-itis yesterday, while simultaneously dealing with the virus ridden computers already in the lab site (which made our completion of the lab all the sweeter). Even with the lack of internet, the computers provided by our partners were more infected than an entire hospital ward full of swine flu patients.

It was relieving, however, to relax yesterday afternoon with Paul's friend Segundo, who he met on his first trip to Ecuador. Although the 15 minute stair climb was no joke, considering the altitude, the reception from Segundo's family was very warm. A game of basketball on the world's most slippery, dangerous cement was quickly ended by the fall related injuries of Johannes and Nathan, causing the team to look to it's favorite standby sport: soccer. The game was a 4-3 nail bitter that left both sides covered in field dust, tired, and ready to hit the showers.

Our afternoon today after the completion of the Quichinche school was much more relaxed, involving only excursions into the crafts market, visits to the ice cream shop, and dinner at Radio Bahai. Seeing as how it was our last dinner in the Bahai camp (some sort of party, starting with what seems to be an ungodly long bus ride has been planned for tomorrow) the team chose their “last supper”  carefully. The overwhelming request: NO RICE! Personally, I'm looking forward to my first hamburger upon returning to the U.S.



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