Moving into a Family

It's chilly tonight in my room up here at 9000 feet.  I have on a fleece top, wool socks and a hat.  The air might be chilly but the reception of my family was not.  It’s a large multi-generational family.  The oldest member is Beatrice, the 93 year mother of Teofilo, who is related to all the others.  His sister lives with him as well as his wife,  two of his daughters and three of his grandchildren.

Just outside of the house is a nice view of two nearby volcanoes and many farm fields.  I had brought a game of Jenga with me to give to the kids.  It was a big hit.  Poncho, the youngest grandchild at 5 years of age, appears to be quickly surpassing me.

We had a light supper of, guess what, potato soup and hot tea.  The family pointed out the container of boiled water so I guess I won't be needing my fancy UV light stick.

Now is just after 8:00 and all appear to be getting ready for bed.  Early to bed early to rise I expect