A Walk in Quichinche A Climb to Tangali

Today was the day for school visits.  The first site was the Ulpiano school in Quichinche a short 5 minute walk from my home stay.  There I saw the computer lab, the rooms we will be staying in and the basketball/soccer pitch where  we will spend lots of time.  I saw many of the summer school students you may be working with as well. Most arre studying English and drama but some of the older ones were engaged in learning how to burn the hair off a dead pig that they were later going to cook. I am not sure what that class was , maybe cooking 101.

I visited the small Tandana  lab as well where the lucky few can take warm showers.  The others its cold showers or heated water bucket baths.  Actually we will probably alternate one day boys, one day girls.

Finally came the climb up to the heights of Tangali, a rural indigenous community.  From their community center on a clear day you can see two large volcanoes and get glimpses of Otavalo far below.  It is high and will be cold at night. The terrain is steep and the pathways rocky so bring good walking shoes  Be prepared for lots of walking.  Its a good thing this is the second school.  The school itself is at the lower end of the community.  Again the lucky few will not have to walk far to get to school but most will have  a long walk down and a steep walk back.  The countryside is gorgeous and some of the houses you will be staying in have amazing vistas.   The houses are spread apart and are of varying quality from pretty basic to two story new construction.


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