A Day of Family Outings

Today was family day.  In the morning I went into Otavolo with one of the daughters and watched her daughter take swimming lessons in a pool not much larger than an average bedroom.  The instructor was great and the kids all were making progress.

I then spent some time in the municipal market wondering the aisles full of fruits, vegetables, hanging cuts of meat, all sorts of food booths, and a variety  of other shops selling everything you can imagine from clothing to soccer balls.  What a great place.  Actually there is a big controversy about this market.  the government in all of its wisdom has just  completed a brand new market just at  the edge of town.  At a total cost of over $20 million dollars it has all everyone could seem to want-great parking, good shelter from the rain, clean booth areas and much more.  Trouble is the sellers like the old place and so far have refused to move. They prefer the old market with all of its clatter and clutter.

In the afternoon we took a pleasant stroll up to Peguche Falls.  The walk is easy although the trail is a little rocky.  There were many people along the way and a great picnic area where Herman thinks we may go the second weekend on an outing with our families.

In the evening we went to my family's farm to check out the damage being done to the Lima beans by the birds.  my father has built several scarecrows but they don't seem to be working.  We looked at his dried bean crop and he decided that tomorrow is harvesting day.  I will probably miss part of that since I want to go tomorrow morning to the animal market.

I spent the whole day doing things with the family.  I was topped off when we got home and they started building a fire to boil corn on through out the night.  You can be sure I am not going to be tending that fire.  i am ready for a nice long nap after so many outings...Bob



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