A Sunday Walk

Sunday is family day here in Quichinche.  People get up a little later, eat a little later, relax reading the paper or doing small chores.  Then many head to the Sunday Mass in the town center.  Following mass is a big Sunday meal.  After which my family always takes a Sunday walk.  This involves both the adults and the children who range in age from 5 to 13.

Now this is not just any Sunday walk.  It involves real walking along small footpaths, through farm fields, past houses on dirt roads with pigs and chickens running about and up steep roads.  The family always stops along the way at one of the several   ice cream vending shops in town.  This time it was at Don Vicentes about a half a block from the Tandana offices which sit on the other side of the Quichinche village up a very steep incline.  By the time we got there we were huffing and puffing a ready for a great ice cream treat.

It was then onto the family fields where we picked more lima beans, gathered old cornstalks to feed the cuy and watered some of the dried out looking vegetables.  The kids were excited to get to chew on the inside of the cornstalks which “grandma Maria had peeled back to reveal a really sweet inside.  We walked the half mile back to the house on flat trail carrying cornstalks and lima bushes for the cuy and a sack full of limas to shell.  You can guess how we spent the next half hour.  Dinner this evening...soft lima beans and soup.  Bob



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