Blog 1: Sleep, sleep, and more sleep

We all woke up at 3 am to head to the airport. Everyone except for the Morales sisters showed up at 3:30 sharp, (always being late to everything of course) and boarded the plane on time. The flight to Atlanta started out fine, but towards the end we got some serious bumps which made some of the scaredy cats in our group scream in shock… COUGH COUGH THOMAS. After we landed, a bunch of us explored the Atlanta airport scavenging to find our last American meal that would satisfy our desperate hunger, only having energy from hi-chews and trail mix (thank Heidi!<3) The food court at the airport was pretty decent; there were lots of choices but the food was just average.  About half of us crashed on the floor or on the seats because we were super tired. We think that the flight to Ecuador might’ve been delayed because of the thunderstorm which had made us go AROUND Atlanta instead of directly there, we had to wait about an hour, around 6:45 we started to board, AND OFF WE WENT!!! The plane ride to Ecuador was much nicer, with light turbulence only happening when we flew over the Bahamas. Most of us were able to sleep on this plane easier than the first, which made us able to use our legs when we got off. We got our tubs out with no issues from security, and met the Tandana Foundation at the airport lobby, where they greeted us with big smiles and asked us what we wanted for breakfast. They were super nice and easy to talk to. We loaded our tubs and luggage onto a truck and we all got onto a nice bus where the Tandana foundation provided us with yummy Ecuadorian cookies, mandarinas, and bananas, which by the way are SUPER SUPER delicioso, much better than the States. It took us about two hours to arrive at the Valle del Amanecer (the place we stayed at), but going up the mountains in the night looking out at the lights from the city made the long trip worthwhile. When we arrived, we moved all of our belongings into the hostel, and went to bed without a hot shower L (because apparently we were using the wrong shower or something). See you in two weeks!

-Thomas Christensen, Jessica Morales, and Ryan Browning


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