Blog 2: Exploring Otavalo and its people

We woke up at 9:00 am and we had breakfast. We either had toast, pancakes, or fruit salad, and we had varied opinions on if it was good or bad. Afterwards, we had a meeting where a Tandana leader told us about all the risks that we may encounter, the schedule for the week, and how to poop. We went to a super nice restaurant where we ate a 4 course lunch that was muy rico. Next, we went on an extravagant scavenger hunt around the city of Otavalo. We bought exotic fruits to share (gaunabana, pitahaya, granajilla), (SOME OF US) bought bracelets; 5 for only 1 dollar, bought a dessert, saw the statue of Ruminahui, and explored the food market. Afterwards are participated in skits that showed unacceptable behavior to make sure that no one would act up with their host families later down the road. After that, we wrapped up our stay at the hostel and took a public bus to Quichinche, where we unloaded all of our tubs into the school. The school already had a bunch of mattresses stacked up waiting for us, so it was a breeze to get things set up. Most of us went on a walk around the school, where we saw the gazebo, a bunch of cows, and poop the size of a soccer ball. Halfway through our walk, we realized we had a new friend; a dog that had been following us since we entered the school. We had lots of complications naming this dog, but most of us settled on Earl. On this path, we reached a dead end, and while walking back, a huge pack of dogs sprinted towards us. Luckily we had this super strong buff guy named Michael who used his loud deep voice and muscular body to scare the dogs away and keep us safe. When we got back, we ate a yummy dinner, and then had free time. During this free time, many people complained that we had no Wi-Fi, played sports, and rested. Afterwards, everyone got together to play Mafia and The Water Bottle Gameā€¦ The Water Bottle Game was short lived, but Mafia was a big hit. The chaperones gathered us all up to tell us about the shower situation and made a schedule for who would shower when. Then we all got in our beds (kind of) and went to bed (30 minutes after curfew). We miss you all back home!

-Thomas Christensen and Jessica Woon


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