Blog 3: Work work work work work I just wanna see you work work work work work

We woke up at 7:30am today because we had to finish our breakfast before the kids came for summer school. Because of heavy sleepers and lots of slackers, we ended up finishing breakfast 40 minutes late, but it ended up being okay. After watching the kids play soccer, we all worked together to bring all of the tubs upstairs to the computer lab, and worked super hard putting together all the equipment. Since (almost) everyone worked very hard on this, we finished earlier than expected. Actually just kidding, I was reminded that half of the people finished earlier than expected, but the other half kept working very hard for another hour.  We had some issues trying to figure out the RACHEL program on the computers, but after a lot of troubleshooting, we finally got it to work. For lunch we had these really good burritos with guacamole, rice, and chicken. After having about an hour of free time, we headed out on a public bus to the Museum of Kichwa where we learned about the history of the city, cultural traditions such as marriage, shamans, and dress. We got to see live people making beautiful clothing in front of our eyes and the art of a bunch of different kids who were invited to put their pieces all along the walls. Afterwards, they played a “game” with us where a funny wolf would prance around take the first person who smiled and “kill” them on the floor. Bob was the victim in this game, although Grey and Jessica Woon both grinned before he did; probably rigged. We took a long commute back to the school and ate a good dinner prepared by the cooking crew!! (Lena, BriAnna, Brian [who just took candy and walked around asking people to take it]) We played mafia again, had a brief meeting, and went to bed shortly after.

From ur favorite ppl

-Thomas Christensen, Jessica Woon and Lena Stern


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