Day 4: Spicy new experiences

Today was shower day!!!!!  Thomas, Phillip, and Samantha all went up to the Tandana foundation (as well as Luis but it wasn’t his day) to take a hot shower, whilst others used other methods to cleanse as well (buckets, pre-school). We were scared that there wouldn’t be enough gas to supply us with hot water, but it ended up working for everyone, and we were all very happy afterwards. We ate a really nice breakfast prepared by Jennifer, Samantha, and Bob and then shortly after worked more on the computers. There were lots of technical complications, but eventually most of the computers were set up for the incoming kids. After a long break and lunch, we all headed out on a bus to Peguche, and were greeted by very nice people who welcomed us inside of their territory. We split into two groups, one group going to the bracelet making table and the other going to the salsa room.  The bracelets weren’t any regular bracelet however, they were DREAM CATCHERS!!!!!1!!!! (They catch your dreams lol) The dream catchers that the guy showed us were super cool but ours were not as much, however. But there was a LOT work ethic and heart put into them! Lots of passion. Salsa dancing was very fun, but very long. We were dancing for an hour and twenty minutes filled with laughter, joy and perspiration. We switched partners a bunch, so we got to dance with nearly everyone in our group. Phillip and Thomas killed it on the dance floor (stay tuned for video) and Lucas and her dad were pros. We drove to an Argentinean empanadas shop, and we had to wait for individual orders because unfortunately the store gave away our reserved food since we were a half an hour late. We also drank some thicc passion fruit (jugo maracuya) juice on the side. We saw some person in the street during a green light throwing sticks lit on fire in the air. It was quite a quick please ! After that we went back home, played mafia as usual, and went to bed.

From ya boyz

-Thomas Christensen, Luis Posadas, Ryan Browning, Phillip Doherty, Brian Doherty, and Matteo


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