Day 6: The One Left Behind

In Ecuador, everything and everyone slows down on Sundays, so we finally got the chance to sleep in until 10! We got three more hours of sleep than usual, which was good news for those that had a shower day and for Kitchen Krew. Thomas, Jessica W, and Phillip had no experience in making pancakes, but surprisingly (although slightly burned and renamed “Puffins”) they were really good, but the fruit and the syrup deserve some credit for the deliciousness too. Since we were running behind our planned schedule, we quickly washed our bowls, filled up our bags with the day’s necessities, and headed out. Usually we count off before leaving in order to make sure all 18 of us are present, but for some reason that day was just unlucky, especially for the baby of the group, Grey. We were about 7 minutes into the bus ride when Lucas got a text from Grey casually and calmly saying she wasn’t on the bus with us, it’s safe to mention it was all Grey’s fault for taking too long in the bathroom. Just kidding! It was a mistake that we all felt bad about L We went back to the school and all cheered for Grey when she got on and headed right back to the Waterfall of Lagos de Mojando. The hike to reach the waterfall was so so beautiful, we saw awesome landscapes, cows, and LOTS of moist poop. The steepness wasn’t as bad for some of the hikers and campers, but despite the 25 minutes of walking when we reached the waterfall, it was all worth it. Brian, Luis, and Samantha all ran into the waterfall shortly after our arrival and everyone took pictures for the next 30 minutes so they could update their social media later. We ate lunch and reflected on the trip so far. We announced to all our “rose” (best things that happened), our “buds” (things that we are excited for in the future of the trip), and our “thorns” (the worst thing that has happened). Everyone made very good contributions to the reflection and even some tears swelled up. Despues (HAHAHAHA catxch my Spanish BOI) we drove to a rural part of Quichinche and walked up a loud, barking path until we reached the home of Claudia. She was really nice and was trying really hard to speak in English because she has a lot of determination to learn more. She also is pursuing a master’s degree in food health. We split into three groups and went to different stations; one station was potato peeling and guinea pig roasting, another was a cooking station, and the other was a tour of all of their crops and cloth. The result was a huge dinner for everyone with lots of different foods. We ate the guinea pigs (cui) and a lot of people tried out the brain, the eyeballs, and lots of other mysterious parts. Then we had potato patty thingies, chicken, and a super yummy dessert that tasted like an orange cake. Afterwards we did our attendance count strictly because of what happened with Grey earlier and we walked home up a huge hill in the pitch dark. We were all super tired because of the huge amount of food that we ate and the tiring walk, so after our usual game of mafia, we went to sleep.

-Thomas Christensen, Jessica Woon, Lena Stern, Jessica Morales


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