Day 7: Weaving through Ecuador

After our usual showers in the early morning, we all grouped up for a nice healthy breakfast. Jessica W and Thomas taught some kids how to throw a Frisbee and the soccer boyz played with another group of kids. At 9:00 am, we quickly got into the computer lab to practice our teaching, and it didn’t work out too well. This carried on into the real lesson, where it also didn’t work out very well. The teaching method didn’t work out because the students already knew over half of the things that the adults thought they didn’t know. Also, the room was really hard to teach in because words echoed off the walls with ease so it was hard for anyone to hear the teachers. Poor ol’ Lena was dying in her bed, retching up the food from the delicious delicacy because of altitude sickness, so she was unable to participate in our super fun teaching. Good thing Lena had her organic crackers and homemade bananas, because she was well enough to go with us to the Weaver!!!!!!!!1!! The weaver was this super short dude named Miguel that was like 1200 years old and he spoke super quietly but he’s super famous and all of the stuff in his shop were over 35 dollars while the things in the market were only 5. Just kidding! Actually not kidding because all of that was true however he was a really chill guy and really nice and the high price tag definitely was deserved because of how much hard work he put in all of his weaving. We left to the market afterwards, and it was a lot less packed than before since it wasn’t a Saturday. However, this went in our favor because the people were a lot more desperate to sell their stuff since they didn’t have much business and Jessica W and Thomas got a lot of stuff for a super cheap price. People were super desperate for Wi-Fi, so after an hour everyone crowded in restaurants and café’s with internet access and blew up their servers. Unfortunately we were looking forward to the yellow tents to eat at, but for some reason they never went up so we settled at a pretty decent restaurant with a variety of food. Some people who weren’t feeling ambitious went for hamburgers while everyone else got either organic salads (Lena) or Mexican food.  On the way back home, we listened to some super cool Mexican music and Father Stretch My Hands Part 1 (don’t look up the lyrics please) and we had a blast in the bus. We did our normal mafia playing and went to bed shortly after.

-Thomas Christensen, Jessica Woon, Lena Stern


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