Day 8: Chill Day

For the day before we leave to our host families, we didn’t do much. Since the teaching method didn’t work out very well the first day, we decided to not have a teacher and just have everyone working with a kid individually so they can go at their pace. It went better than Monday, but it wasn’t perfect. Sherilyn (Thomas’s kid) accidently erased all of the work that she had done that day (16 PowerPoint slides L) because of some saving confusion and now she’s going to have to work super hard on Wednesday to type everything up again. Afterwards we chilled for a while but then at 2 pm half of us went a couple blocks to a football field (soccer) to play a big game of football with some Ecuadorian kids. Despite the kids being half of our player’s age, they were able to hold their ground pretty well and we barely beat them with a score of 2-1. Jessica W and Thomas played Frisbee on the side, Jessica M blogged some stuff for day 6 and everyone else just patiently waited because they weren’t there for the football match; they were there for the surprise to come after. Right after the football game finished, we walked across a backroad to Quichinche’s famous ice-cream place. There we had some super delicious popsicle-like-treats that were super fancy. The blackberry one seemed like it was made from real black berries and the Oreo one literally had a whole Oreo inside of it. Next, we went up to Tandana headquarters to work on a mini lab there. It was much harder than what we worked on in the school; the wood that we had to nail stuff into was really dusty, so we had to close our mouth and eyes half of the time while working. Also the wood was really unstable, so it was hard to get nails into it all the way. Crimping wires was also very hard and took us multiple tries just to get it to work. Following that, we walked quickly back to the school to see that we had another surprise; tuna surprise!!!!! Herman (Tandana leader) cooked us some of his famous tuna surprise and it was super super good. It was definitely one of the best dinners that we had this whole trip, and it surprised us all because of all of the things that were mixed inside of it. If we had asked beforehand, people may have not even been willing to try it, because it had a bunch of vegetables ketchup, mayo, and mustard mixed in it. That taught us to never judge a book by its cover. We had an extra-long meeting about the host families, what to expect, etc. after and then after pooping and talking for 2 hours, we finally went to bed. It is our last night in this school, so we wanted to make the most of it. We’re really going to miss Earl the dog and all of the kids that go here, because we had formed bonds with some of them. Overall, it was a bittersweet night.

-Thomas Christensen



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