Day 12: Familiar shopping

Day 12 is the day that we went back to the market. Since I bought almost all of my things the first time we went to the market and when we were waiting for the yellow tents, I only had 20 dollars left to buy with and I settled on a scarf and a necklace for my mom and some bracelets for my secret Santa.  Jessica W bought a whole bunch of stuff including a hat, a table runner, and a scarf. She had gotten messages from her mom telling her to buy additional things for people in her family, and we had to rush to get all the things before the “head-back” deadline. Lena just got a bunch of shirts and bracelets, along with some paintings and a colorful picture frame. A bunch of people crashed into a Wi-Fi café so they could update their social media and talk with their friends back in Seattle since most people, like me, had already done their shopping in the days before. Also, apparently headbands are getting back in style because half of us bought headbands and are wearing them proudly. After shopping, we went straight to the bus and away to high altitude (12,500 feet!) to go on a very steep hike to the top of a mountain. Since the altitude was so high, many of us wiped out before getting to the halfway mark. No one was actually able to make it to the top before the deadline when we had to go back, but Phillip, Ryan, and Brian got very close. Going back down was much more fun than going up and many of us peed in the bushes afterwards, which was exciting. Getting into the bus, we saw some people filming a music video outside of our window. I wonder if they were a famous group and that I should have gotten their autograph. After coming back, everyone was super pooped and most people put away the stuff that they bought inside of their tubs at the community center and then went back down (or up for some) to their houses afterwards to be awarded with a delicious dinner. I played some chess with the father and the oldest son as usual. I went to sleep with heavy eyes and drifted off quickly ready for the next day.

-Thomas Christensen


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