Day 15: The big city

The last day of our trip we explored the capital of Ecuador; Quito. First we took a ski-lift-like transport up a super huge hill to an elevation of 15,000 feet. There, people took pictures of llamas and the beautiful view. Ryan tried to use the bathroom by paying 50 cents just to find out that they didn’t provide any toilet paper, and when he went back out to get toilet paper from Bob, he had to pay another 50 cents to go back in. Inside of the tourist building, they also were blasting pretty awful remixes of old American songs like the Black Eyed Peas and David Guetta. After a super slow ride back down to the bottom, we took off to some huge church where, if you got to the top, you could see a beautiful statue of an angel on top of a hill. Most people just took the easy stairs up to the top, but some brave hearted folks were able to gather the courage to go up the stairs with no netting underneath, with only a harsh drop waiting below them. We also drank some pretty good beverages, all paid by Bob J. After getting lost for an hour finding our next destination, we finally found the fancy restaurant which we had reservations for. The restaurant overlooked the whole city of Quito and, especially when it turned dark and the lights turned on, it was absolutely beautiful. Next, we all hopped on the bus one last time to reach our final destination; the airport. The trip wasn’t as easy as we expected because the road we were traveling on ended up being block and the detour lead us to a dead end. Luckily we were able to make it to the airport with 2 hours to spare, and ended up getting to our gate 20 minutes before boarding. The plane ride was very nice with almost no bumps felt, and many of us were able to get good rest on the way to Atlanta.

-Thomas Christensen


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