Day 16: Reunited

After arriving in Atlanta, we had to go through strict passport business, and we cut it very close, making it to our gate right when they called us for boarding. We were scared about Lucas and her father because they were held back for some reason, but we were all relieved to see them walk in about 5 minutes before the plane’s departure. The plane ride to LA was also very nice, with only slight bumps flying over Arkansas and Oklahoma. The LA airport proved to be even nicer than the plane ride there, offering high class restaurants on all sides with a broad range of selection. Most people either ate at the coffee shop near our gathering place, the farmers market, or some cool buffet-styled place called Lemonade. Since we had a 4 hour layover, we were in no hurry to eat and talk with people, and after our session of charging our phones and resting a little bit more on the chairs, we walked into our final plane. The plane to Seattle was also very smooth; we definitely lucked out on all of the flights. Coming out of the gate felt like a huge relief. Almost everyone immediately turned off their airplane mode and messaged their friends and family, telling them that they finally made it home. After a short walk to the exit, we were welcomed by most of our families, someone even carrying a sign that said “Welcome back TSC” (or something along those lines). After hugging, gathering our items from the baggage claim, and saying goodbye to everyone, we headed back home.

-Thomas Christensen


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