Day 3

Hello from Ghana! It is now almost 11 at night and after a long and busy day out and about in Kumasi we are all relaxing around the house. Some are stationed at the couch watching The Dark Night Rises on Marcus’s Ipad, a lot of the boys are in their bathroom trying to eradicate a spider, and the rest  are on the porch enjoying the cool air and catching fireflies.

Today began with being woken up by roosters and another hot and humid day. Most people slept much better last night and are getting more used to the heat. We left for our market excursion around 10 am on another small cramped bus. The first stop we made after we made it to Kumasi was Kwabane’s grandmother’s house. We picked up his truck and met some of his extended family. After we made it into the city a food and hydration break was much needed. We ate an early lunch at “Strawberry Foods.” We did not come across any strawberries inside but we did find cool drinks and delicious traditional food. After being fed and hydrated we were ready to venture into the market! We drove through looking for a place to leave the van and saw sidewalks filled with vendors selling everything from machetes and gardening tools to knock off Louis Vuitton socks and Gucci belts. Everywhere the eye could see were streets lined with stands and there were people everywhere. We couldn’t stand in a group without completely blocking the way. While a little hectic and overwhelming, the market was a wonderful glimpse into Ghanaian culture. Some people bought some pretty cool stuff, my personal favorite being Whit’s pair of “Brikkendstock” sandals.

After the central market it was off to the computer store to buy 40 monitors to connect to the desktops we brought. We had an enjoyable wait playing soccer and other games with some neighborhood kids. Our next stop was another small market that had more traditional crafts. People bought masks, jewelry and even one carved staff. We all got firsthand experience with bartering, and some proved to have the gift when it came to making a deal. On the bus ride home we all compared purchases, but most of all swapped bargaining techniques and tried to convince others how good of a deal we got. Shortly after we got home dinner was delivered. After feasting upon yams, a flavorful sauce and chicken it was time to get the computers organized for our first school tomorrow.

Everyone is doing well and we are having an amazing time! I’m very excited to install the computers tomorrow and meet all the children at the schools. I hope I can learn a little Twi and not be so lost when people try to talk to me! I am also excited for our trip to Mole national park at the end of the week. I hope we see a ton of wildlife and that no one gets eaten by a lion!


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