Day 4 - Part I

Today we woke up to the sounds of roosters and Marcus. We packed the bins with desktops and monitors that we were going to bring to the school. The van arrived an hour late.  Before heading to the school we stopped in the town to meet the chief. They shared introductions with us and then we headed off to the school. The trucks were unloaded and we brought all the computers into the lab. All of the children were crowded around the windows staring at us. The first thing we did was put all of the computers under the desks and set up the monitors. Then, we plugged the keyboards and mice into the computers. We didn’t have any measuring tools so we had to measure the length of our wires with our shoes. It worked out well but some of the wires were too short and some were too long so we had to do some rearranging. We ran into some problems because we didn’t have crimpers for the wires, or power cords for the computers. We waited about an hour before the power cords arrived and then we got back to work for a little while. We took a break to go play with the kids.

Several boys played soccer on a makeshift field while other girls and boys met and conversed with the kids. After, we went back inside for a while and waited for the crimpers. Claire, one of the chaperones, along with Jake and Helena went to meet with officials from the school district and talked to them about our project. About an hour after they returned the crimpers arrived and we got back to work. It took a while but we finally finished setting up all of the computers and went back out to meet and play with the kids some more. Some of the kids started wrestling with the small children, and others showed them their cameras and took pictures with them. Finally we had to leave. It was sad to say bye to the children but we had to leave. We spent the rest of the night showering, playing cards, eating, and chatting.


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Marilyn Montgomery says:

Thanks for the update! We are all getting a feel for the rhythm of your days from all of your wonderfully detailed posts. Those of us not in Ghana really appreciate this...sounds, smells and sights come alive.

Darrell Jesse (Claire's dad) says:

Thank you so much for all your daily journal entries! They really help paint a picture for us back in the States.

I really enjoy reading about the reactions of the kids, and about their activities and daily life.

Thanks again, and keep them coming!

- Darrell

PS: have you given away any soccer balls yet, and if so, how do the kids like them?

Glenn Seaverns says:

For the Garfield Soccer fans, Last Friday results against Newport 1-1, JV 7-1 Bulldogs. Thanks for all the posts.. Very fun.

Leslie lawrence says:

It's been fun and interesting seeing the different children check in with their this blog in particular, for me I find it of interest that they have had to improvise in order to get their wiring working. Here, we're so used to going out, purchasing the correct piece , returning to the project and heading off thereby finishing the project.

The children all sound so completely enthused and pleased to be there and with the project, it is really great to see! Now I hope for photos! In the meantime, whoever is reading this, please let Talia Lawrence know that her Aunt Leslie and Joe are thinking about her every day and are so excited about her having this opportunity ! Along with all of her fellow students! We are so proud!