Day 7

Today was an interesting day. It began like any other with the screech of the rooster that wakes us up every morning. The bus came early which was a nice surprise and after we loaded up the laptops we were on our way to our next school. We were greeted as we always are, being chased by a swarm of smiling children who followed us to our computer lab. Some of us were feeling a bit under the weather but after some food and some rest were right back to normal. The regular process of computer setup, wire crimping, etc. was completed much faster than usual seeing as we’ve all become pretty good at it at this point. We packed up and left early which was a nice surprise but instead of going home we went back to the first school to fix some problems we had on our first day. We were once again welcomed by the same group of kids who not only recognized us but some even knew us by name. It was sad to say goodbye a second time but it also felt pretty nice to go back home.

When we finally got back to the house we ate snacks, tanned and played games with the local children. After a while the sun was blocked by the clouds and within minutes it went from ideal tanning weather to pouring rain and thunder. Later in the evening some of the same merchants from earlier nights came with scarves, ties and assorted clothes.  Soon after one of the local children offered to give haircuts and seeing as I had already planned to get my hair cut in Ghana I decided to give it a try.  Big mistake. I don’t know why I thought this 10 year old wielding kitchen scissors would actually give me a nice cut but it turned out to be an uneven chopped up mess. After giving him 3 American dollars and having a group meeting regarding our trip to Mole Park tomorrow we are now all beginning to go get ready for bed. Hopefully things go as smoothly tomorrow as they did today.