Day 12

This morning we were all able to sleep past the routine rooster wake up call and sleep in because it’s celebration day! When we finally got out of bed, we all got dressed in the nicest (and least stinky) clothes we could find and then loaded up the bus one final time. We drove to the school we went to on Thursday for a ceremony celebrating the new computers put on by the five communities that received labs. When we pulled up catchy music was blasting from speakers as people milled around the tents set up over rows of chair. Everyone was dressed very nicely, in either Western business clothes or traditional African garb. Before the ceremony began we walked across the street to meet some of the chiefs. They were all very friendly, especially one man who had lived in America for a few years.  We headed back across the street, with our usual entourage of Ghanaian children, and got our seats for the ceremony. The majority of the ceremony was spoken in Twi so we just sat and nodded. There were some musical performances and a short play that we could piece together, as well as a few speakers in English. Barb thanked the communities for being so welcoming and said what a pleasure it was for all of us to spend time here. There was a ribbon cutting for the computer lab and the keys were given out, following which we were requested to dance. Let’s just say my dance moves were met with quite a bit of laughter. After our awkward dance performance we loaded up the van and headed back to the house to pack and clean.  We all savored out last night in Ghana, slurping down ramen and sitting on the porch enjoying the pleasant night air. I’ll miss the stars in Yonso and I hope that one day I’ll be able to see them again.


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