June 25 - July 10, 2011

Day 6 - Dance Party

Thursday, June 30

Today began by walking across the freeway to the Ofankor Junior high School, where we set up a twenty computer lab. Since the school is so much closer to the center of the city, we are going to be able to run a cable from the principal’s office and give the lab internet. The work didn’t take long, however, because the computers were already partially imaged. By two we were back at the house, buying clothes from seamstresses that Kyla organized to come in. Before getting measured, everyone had to first pick out fabric from a very finite quantity, and a vicious game of survival of the fittest ensued for the best patterns.

After the measuring and taping subsided, we had some free time before going out to dinner. As soon as they got the chance, the local kids led us through the labyrinth of the village, through crevices between houses with less than a foot of space between them. The more we walked the more of a following we gained, until some of the younger kids were fighting over piggy-back rides and hand-holding. We arrived at a soccer field, and the games began. While both teams played fiercely (with Paul and Steven on one team and Sam, Erik, and myself on the other), the game ended in a 2-2 tie. Next to the field, the girls started a game of ring-around-the-rosie that quickly ballooned into a circle of over fifty kids.

As our first meal out, we made quite a splash as a group of so many foreigners. Outdoor speakers are far more common in Ghana, and as we were eating our Tilapia and Jollof rice I wondered how some of the neighbors could sleep. After everyone finished, we began dancing, and as we headed out Erik overheard one local exclaim “What crazy white people!” Afterwards we went to a rooftop club to take the festivities to a place that could withstand our partying. The club was occupied with only a few people, but later as we broke the ice, nearly everyone began dancing. I’m not sure who had a better time: us dancing or the locals laughing at us.

We arrived back at the house exhausted but with our most jam packed day behind us.


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