June 25 - July 10, 2011

Day 7 - Republic Day

Friday, July 1

Today we went to a slightly different school than those we had seen before. After loading onto the bus, we experienced what was possibly the worst traffic of my life. Republic Day in Ghana meant that everyone was out celebrating, and we spent over two hours in gridlock traffic. However, when we finally arrived, everyone was astounded by the beauty of the orphanage. Mmofra Trom high school had two groups of kids, those who paid to go to the boarding school, and orphans who could not. We were treated to a drumming performance from the students, which was very entertaining to watch.

Afterwards, we met the principal of the school, who had been heading the school for eleven years. Immediately after walking into his house we knew the school was in a far better situation than any of the other places we had seen in Ghana. There was no question that leaving them computers would help their school, but it felt a little odd adding to, instead of creating, a computer lab.

The highlight of the day was playing a game of soccer with some of the boys at the school. It was pouring rain, but nonetheless we had a great time. Playing barefoot in inches of standing mud warranted pretty intense slide tackles that added to the game’s ferocity. By the halftime whistle, at least a hundred of the school kids were spectating.

The bus ride back was luckily far shorter and more tolerable than the earlier journey, and we got home at a reasonable time. Everyone stayed up talking for awhile, but made a point to hit the hay as early as possible to prepare for a huge day on Saturday.


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