Day 1 - Arriving in Guatemala

It's been like 15 hours since we were sitting at the gate in SeaTac. We've been through a lot. The flight went as well as it could have for a midnight to 5 am plane ride. I'll be honest, it wasn't that fun. The three hour layover was totally sweet. We slept mostly, as Mike carved out his own little den on the airport floor. Coincidentally, Colin and I separately purchased identical breakfasts of Starbucks parfaits and Odwallas.

As we stepped out of the Guatemala airport at about noon earlier today, we felt a strange, foreign feeling upon our skin. Warmth! A feeling forgotten during the long, dreary Seattle winter, it was nice to have it back again.

We loaded up the tubs and drove over to the school where we unloaded the computers. Then we got a ride over to the house, where our hosts alerted us that Kate and Hannah "had run off to Panama". Just kidding. Kate and Hannah arrived on the school bus a few minutes after us, all decked out in their blue school coats.

Since then we've been hanging out here, but we're about to go leave go buck wild for a night in Antigua. Kidding again. We'll probably just go to sleep since we've got a long day tomorrow.

Here's the summary: We're here at our house in Antigua, safe. Stay tuned mom and dad, there'll be more soon.