Day 4 - Mocos y Pedos

Sunday means one thing: going out to eat. Come breakfast time, we walked over to Dona Luisa, a restaurant where Kate and Hannah are frequent clientele. It was crazy delicious. The pancake sandwich was a popular choice. Personally, I was just happy to get a glass of milk, because my calcium intake has been far too low on this trip (if THAT'S not blog-worthy, I don't know what is!).

We were meeting the Guatemalan kids at the Antigua soccer stadium at 10:30 to watch a game, and the hour was fast approaching. Walking would put us at a high risk for tardiness. Thank god for tuc-tucs.

Tuc-tucs are kind of like a Guatemalan version of a taxi. But there's a couple notable differences. Taxis are cars. Tuc-tucs are motorized tricycles with a driver in front and room for three in the back. Taxis have steel frames. Tuc-tucs have little canvas covers to break the wind. Taxis have seat belts. Tuc-tucs have high death rates.

We piled into four of them to make the trip. My personal favorite part of the trip was when my tuc-tuc passed the bus with approximately ten feet between us and the other tuc-tuc barelling towards us, clearly going for the head-on. 3/4s of our tuc-tucs arrived at the stadium, which handily beats the average tuc-tuc survival rate of 67%. And, the one that didn't make it had the chaperones. WOOOH!! NO PARENTS, NO RULES!!

Just kidding.

The soccer game was a lot of fun. The Antigua team, Santiago, won handily 11-1. The medics kept themselves busy, with stretchers carrying players off the field approximately every seven minutes.

After the game, we split with the school kids and walked back to the house. After a quick check of every online account possessed by every member of the TSC team, we walked to the greatest restaurant in the world: Pollo Campero. Pollo Campero is a Guatemalan fried chicken chain. The one we went to covers an entire city block. Antigua has a listed population of 35,000, but there were at least a million people in the restaurant. Ryan and Colin get major props for finishing off the "special" with ice cream, extra chicken, a roll, fries, and a large drink.

We spent the afternoon walking through the market, buying gifts, trinkets, and "legitimate" DVDs. I scored Saw 1 through 5, all on the same disc!

For dinner we went to Queso y Vino, an Italian restaurant and another Collins family favorite. Americans eating Italian in Guatemala! What a cultural blend! We were sitting outside, and it was dark by the time we got our food. It was pretty weird to be eating without actually being able to see our food. For all I know, my Fettucine a la bolognese could have been made out of "moco" (look it up), but it tasted good so I don't care.

Notable quotes of the day:

"Pasta makes me. . .bored" - Jenny

"I want a fan club!" - Kate

"90% of the last sip is backwash"
"Zach always gives me the last sip of his chocolate milk!" - Eliza

"Zach is tight" - Barack Obama

Our first day of real work is tomorrow. Exciting.

Bye guys!


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