Day 5 - Chips and Salsa, Hold the Chips

Today was the first day of work. The spanish verb is "trabajar," which derived originally from the Latin "traba," meaning "activity," and "jar," meaning "which sucks."

We started out the day with a hardy blue-collar breakfast of mosh and sweet bread and fruit, prepared by Mari, the greatest woman ever. Then we hit the block towards the bus stop. We were decked out in matching outfits, sort of like the Crips or the Bloods, but with TSC T-shirts with our names on them.

The task for the day was setting up the operating systems for all the computers in lab 1. In practice, it equated to all of us huddled around our computer, meticulously following the instructions on the seven page packet Ben had prepared for us, as he floated around the room troubleshooting. It was exhausting work. We were able to keep going only with the help of Barb, who provided many tasty snacks.

We didn't get home until 2:30. Mari made us lunch, and then we worked it off and toned our bods with some pushups. Colin impressed us all, doing at least 84 without a break. 27 of those were one-armed. The rest he didn't use his arms at all. Wow. Once a freshman, now a hulking man.

We learned to salsa dance today! It was at this restaurant with a little dance floor which gives free lessons every Monday at five. The lady there taught us the three crucial salsa moves: the forward shuffle, the sideways shuffle, and the diagonal shuffle. As a bonus, she taught us to turn. I can't speak for everyone, but I danced with Hannah and Laura, and our moves were so hot the floor literally caught fire at one point. And our skills will be applicable to the real world too, now that freakdancing is so conveniently outlawed! Did I mention I'm bitter about this?

On the way home, we FINALLY got ice cream. We were really craving our fix, not having tasted it for nearly 12 hours. On the way there, I was counting my money when I tripped over a passed out drunk guy in the street. Then Laura was making fun of me, and she tripped over a concrete post. There is a God.

At dinner, Mike ate 12 platanos. Pretty impressive. Also, we did laundry for the first time today. Our one concession to the poor fools who followed the packing list's suggestion of "two pairs socks, two T-shirts". We wouldn't have done it, but the air in the boys room was like 10% oxygen, 90% nasty stank.

OK gotta go. Colin wants to use the computer, and he is REALLY intimidating.

Tomorrow sounds pretty fun. Running with scissors, swimming after we eat, crossing without looking both ways, and hijacking tuc-tucs. Love you Mom!



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