Day 6 - We Finally Get Ice Cream

Today was pancake day. Bomb. As usual, they came with cantaloupe and watermelon. Double bomb. The girls gave me a bunch of extra watermelon. Triple bomb.

We had woken up half an hour early so that we could get a head start on the day, since the early bird catches the worm and such. Unfortunately, we were all a little bit sleepy. I guess Bob must have dozed off on the bus or something, because when the driver hit the brakes, he got hurled out into the aisle. It wasn't funny, I swear. I don't know about the other guys, but I was only laughing because of a spontaneous booger joke that popped into my head.

The task for the day was networking lab 1. Networking is pretty complicated, but Colin and Ben and Ryan are like the A Team of technology stuff. For us mortals, networking means crimping wires. We have to strip the wire (sounds hot huh!?), separate out the separate pieces, straighten them, and put them back together in a clip. Then you stick the little piece into the hole and magically everything works! That's the theory. In reality, Colin and Ben and Ryan had to do a lot of troubleshooting. We were forced to go out and lie on the benches and tan to pass the time. Laura and Zoe didn't apply sunscreen, and quickly perished from melanoma. I also got a really sore burn on my pinky.

On the bus ride back we passed another bus on like a 1.5 lane road. My life literally flashed before my eyes. Year 6 was the best.

We got home late for lunch, but that was OK because it meant the food was already on the table. I sat by Laura, as I always try to do because she gives me her chicken. We had beets, too, and Eliza told us all that if you eat enough it turns your pee red. If that wasn't motivation to scarf those down, I don't know what was.

After we ate, I bet Colin 10 quetzales he couldn't eat the 4 ultra-processed ham sandwiches left over from yesterday. Not wanting to lose any masculinity, he took the bet. Sure, I lost 10 quetzales, but the video footage is worth a buck fifty.

We had a walking tour of Antigua in the afternoon. It was really hot and sunny out, so this was too good of a tanning opportunity to pass up. We busted out the Maui Babe tanning oil.

The tour was cool but a lot of us were pretty tired. We saw a lot of the Antigua ruins and such. They were big. Really big. We went into the catacombs too. There were a lot of dead people living there.

The tour took us into a jade museum, where we learned that jade is hard. Very, very hard. I dropped three grand on a jade chess set. I didn't have the cash, so I used Mike's credit card. He doesn't know yet!

The tour ended in the biggest hotel in Antigua. Muy grande y bonito. There was a pool and palm trees and ruins and porters and little basins of water with petals in them. We're gonna go pool hopping there. There's a wall around the pool, though, so its an obstacle. The main plans for getting in have been narrowed down to tunneling or grenades.

Guess what we did on the way home. If you don't know by now, get yourself educated. Ice cream. You know the drill.

I'm tired. Good night.


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