Day 7 - It's Halftime

Today was the third day of work. There's no more messing around. We've gone from slow to pro. Broken to smokin'. Geek to chic. And by chic, I mean able to set up computers really fast. The TSC work crew is now a well-oiled machine of efficiency. We're kind of a big deal.

Ryan, Ben and Colin went a little bit early today to set up. It was a rough morning, since the four of us had stayed up late gossiping about boy stuff. But once we got to the school, it was all business.

We divided up into two elite squads. Group A stayed in the completed Lab 1 and taught some of the Guatemalan students a little bit about using their new computers. We showed them Word, Powerpoint, Excel, and Publisher. They had fun playing with images and animations and such, but it was unbelievably difficult to help them figure out how to do things. I started just adding an accent to all my English words, hoping everything would work out. And only recently did I discover that the verb "tipar" does not mean "to type".

Squad 2, led by ace commander Colin Butler, kicked it in Lab 2 installin Operating Systems on the computers. My heart goes out to all of them--it's super tedious. Major props to Jenny Lin for bopping on four computers. She's the league leader. Damn girl!

Working on computers is really physically strenous. By mid-morning, we were literally drenched in sweat and depleted of carbohydrates. I was about to pass out from exhaustion when the chaperones showed up with a huge load of cinnamon rolls, turnovers, and cookies in tow. It was a major clutch move on their part.

We took a work break at 12:30 to play soccer with the Guatemalans after class was over. We played us against them. I don't want to talk about it. Laura was about to score like her fifth goal but she took a bad slip on the concrete and got an owie on her knee. On the plus side, Medic Zoe got her first opportunity to patch up a patient. She had to amputate the leg, but Laura already says she hardly misses it. (Just kidding Zoe did great.)

We were working late today, and Mari brought our lunch to the school. Have I raved about her yet? She even made us salad. I'm kind of trying to bring her home with me.

We were exhausted by the end of the day, but it was tight because we got ahead of schedule. So hopefully tomorrow will be a little bit easier. When we got back, we had a cooking lesson with Mari. Taquitos, guacamole, y chiles rellanos. Puck off, Wolfgang. Because TSC kids can now cook traditional Guatemalan fare.

We got to eat our own creations for dinner. The carrots in the taquitos were the best part. I swear, I'm not just saying that because I shredded them myself.

We're trying to catch up on some sleep tonight, so it's time to say farewell.

Happy Birthday to Chris Perkins and Rose McCarty!!! Equally important, happy half-birthday to me! The trip is half over, too.

Here's a pun I just thought of:
Question: What's it called when you drink the water and get sick with traveler's diarrhea all night?
Answer: a Guatemalady.