Day 8 - Computer Lab Gets Owned By Internet

We had internet in the lab today, so work was awesome! At first, we crimped the wires for networking Lab 2. But we finished quickly and efficiently, seasoned veterans that we now are. Afterward, our Guatemalan homies came in and we showed them the internet in Lab 1. Guess what they had more fun with: learning how to use Powerpoint and Word yesterday, or watching "Fat Kid Slips On Diving Board" and highlights of Tony Wroten on YouTube today? We ended the work day taping the network cables in Lab 1 together and to the wall, which is physically pretty painful because it involves a bunch of crouching and crawling on your knees. But it's a necessary poison.

All the juego me and Ryan been spittin' finally came through big: today, Cindy and Lourdes asked me and Ryan to be their novios. Our days as bachelors are finished. Sorry, ladies.

We played soccer again today at 12:30. Some sort of obscure stars must have been aligned, because we beat them. I still don't understand it myself.

We came home to un almuerzo delicioso from Mari. It was the most famous Guatemalan dish: spaghetti. But real talk, it was bomb. After lunch, we walked to the park at the ruins which are right by the market. It was completely clear and sunny and hot, and we got ice cream and laid in the park and Maui Babe'd up and tanned and relaxed. I've developing a dependency on the weather here. The sun has become sort of like heroin to me. I'm about to go through withdrawal when we come home.

We had another cooking lesson with Mari, and then had the super dupe dinner: we had hot chocolate and cookies and this bomb platano drink and these weird tamale things and it was great.

After dinner we hit the town, eager to experience some Antigua nightlife. As you avid readers may recall, we learned to salsa dance a couple days ago. Now was our opportunity to showcase those skills. We walked into the club at like 9:30, and it was not quite poppin' yet. The live salsa band was still warming up and sound checking and such. We sat around the tables and sipped Everclear and Tequila. Virgin Everclear and Tequila, of course. Kidding!

When the music started, we hit the floor. Thus began one of the most awkward, embarrassing experiences in my life. We realized that we are not good at salsa dancing. The three steps and one turn we learned a couple days ago do not encompass an entire genre of dance. Songs have difficult beats. Also, at salsa nights in bars in Antigua, people show up who are FILTHY. In short, we made fools of ourselves. But whatever it was still pretty fun. And we took date pictures so its almost like we didn't miss Tolo.

It's Friday now. We stayed out pretty late last night and I wasn't able to finish the blog because of how drunk I was when we came back. (That's another joke.)

You can look for today's adventures tonight. In the meantime, I'm gonna try to put up some pictures from the Volcano and perhaps other activities. Check 'em out.