Day 9 - The Weekend Cometh!

TGIF. Yup, today was the last day of work. We had to put the finishing touches on the labs. This meant tons of checking computers and installing last-minute programs and checking Facebook. Lots and lots of checking Facebook.

Our Guatemalan friends at the school seemed really sorry to see us go. They crowded around us, taking pictures and slapping high fives and cheek kissing (I LOVE that custom). I extended my cheek multiple times without divulging the information that we were, in fact, coming back on Monday.

In other news, Colin kneeled on a thumbtack. By now you know the drill. The funeral is on Monday. Zoe tried to perform open heart surgery, blatantly overlooking the fact that a band-aid would have sufficed.

We wanted to finish all the work today, so we ended up staying late, until about 3:00. Barb kept us running with fare from the pastelaria, fortunately. When we arrived a la casa, Mari had soup and chicken and rice ready for us. While the majority of rice traveled through the esophagus and to the stomach, then proceeded through the intestines, a few grains made their way out Ryan's nose when a particularly funny joke was made.

We were pretty exhausted from the long day of work, so we spent most of the afternoon chilling out at our pad and doing homework. We worked hard and got really thirsty, and drank a lot. Then we peed a lot. Unfortunately, there was no running water. This was a problem.

Dinner was a little bit ambiguous. By name it was enchiladas. In appearance - clearly Guatemalan enchiladas are a little bit different. With cabbage. Mari is like my favorite woman in the world at this point sans Miley Cyrus and Jamie Lynne Spears, but when I'm feenin' for enchiladas I'll stick to Azteca.

After dinner some of the men went to McDonalds. It filled the vacuum in my stomach and the hole in my heart.

We've got to wake up at like 6:00 am tomorrow to take the bus to Lago Atitlan, so I gotta bounce.

First, I've gotta spill some deep feelings. The Garfield Basketball team has been playing Redmond for 20 minutes at this point. I would do anything; yes, ANYTHING, to be at this game. Gentlemen, I wish you good luck. Tony, Glenn, if you guys are reading this, I really admire you as players and citizens of the world. Please comment on this blog and tell me the score of the game.

See ya,


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Mick Storck says:

Hey Zach!
love the blogs, thanks for something to look forward to each day... more useful to read than the Griffey-is-coming-back, no-he-isn't, yes-he-is stories... I'm grateful that the fatality rate has been so low on this trip for you guys...I suspect it somehow is inversely correlated with the flatulity rate. We're all proud of you guys and what you're doing...eager to imagine where you'll go in the world with your TSC spirits and inspirations.

Thanks to your prodding about the status of the NORTH American true Dawgs (ask Laura to do her Dawg bark thing while you guys are riding around Antigua), I just called Sean Foster's dad (Jeff).

He just answered his cell phone in the midst of what sounds like a raucous purple haze gymnasium ...Redmond scored NO points, ZERO, during the third quarter! Jeff sez that that score is 55-26 game almost over...then his phone cut out. Hope it wasn't that pinhead who stepped out at the last REdmond-GArfield game now going after elderdawgs.

Hi ZoeS! sounds like the tourniquets have come in handy. Hope you didn't miss your "Z-pack", we needed it up here anyways. Mom and the dogs say hello, the furnace has been out for a week...but so has Rainier.

Mike, Bob, and Barb, thanks for enduring (and we trust, endearing) parental vigil with all of our offspring.
Safe splendid weekend wandering and return travels to you all.

Mick Storck

Chris Perkins says:

Garfield won by 20, tony played really well

Erin O'Neill says:

Heyy good blogs=] sounds like your have lots of fun
the game ended at 65-45 i do believe. it was a good one.

see yaaa this week! (wednesday?)

Nam Ngo says:

we were up the whole game. we outscored them 23-2 in the third quarter. no typo, twenty three to two. there was a "two point quarter chant" between third and fourth. T-Ro played well, and as always, had a missed dunk, but had a few more filthy ones later. he made about half his threes, and there was a sick crossover step back three early in the game. no one handed alleyoops this game, but our JV players and sean got decent PT in the fourth. no broken jaws this game