Day 4 - Kings and Queens of the Sky

Today was the first day we got to sleep in. Everyone woke up around 9 and began their morning routine. Mary never fails to amaze us with her hospitality and helped Kit out with his serious sunburn. She broke off a small segment from what turned out to be the very plant that aloe vera is made from and rubbed it on the burned areas. “It felt great”, said Kit.

We went out for a big breakfast around 10. Even though it was early in the morning most people bought milkshakes. Hands down, the best milkshake I have ever eaten. The rest of the food was delicious and everyone left stuffed.

There was talk about going to some museums and poking around but lots of people just wanted to go back to the house and rest. Alex took the time to catch up on some rest. During this time, Carlos had an idea. To get back at Alex shaking him when he was asleep yesterday, Carlos decided to draw a few harmless pictures on Alex. When Alex woke up, he noticed nothing different until he heard some snickers nearby. He looked in the mirror and found a big pink heart in the middle of his forehead. Well done Carlos.

I took the down time to try to catch up on my reading of The Great Gatsby. After about five minutes I realized it was no use. So far I have seen that Emma to have to power to shut out all distractions and crank out some calculus. Everyone was very impressed.

We later went on a walk around the market. A highlight was when we all met back and Kit and Alex showed up with massive machetes. We then stopped by Café Sky to get some lunch. Café Sky has seating available on the roof which has a beautiful lookout of the city of Antigua and the massive volcano looming over everything. The language barrier was evident when we thought that the waiter had charged us 70 extra quetzals for one quesadilla. Turned out, it was just the cost of all the drinks.

After lunch everyone was feeling a bit tired and some of the group decided to take the tuk-tuks, Guatemala’s surprising functional tiny carriages, home. The other half of the group began the long trek home. We stopped at Ben’s request and had a quick hacky sack sesh which has quickly become very popular in the group.

Later that night we had a simple yet delicious dinner of beans, guacamole, salsa, plantains, and tostados. After dinner most of the kids gathered around the computer and watched countless YouTube videos until everyone became sick of crowing around the tiny screen.

Another day in Guatemala has passed and I think the group is beginning to bond better than ever. Everyone is excited for the week to start so we can go back to the school and see all the children. Well it’s getting late here and we have to wake up early tomorrow to catch the bus to the school so I will have to retire for the night.