Day 5 - We've Been Working on the Railroad

If railroad was synonymous to computer lab...
Guest written by Abe and Jenny

It’s day five of our adventure, and it is the first day that we actually worked.  Although we have had an amazing time so far, we have not done anything to justify the massive pile of community service hours that Mr. Howard is dropping on us. The core of TSC is doing work, and that is the reason we were raised at some ungodly hour this morning.

We entered the lab with a load of work to be completed and an army of moderately competent TSC workers.  Somehow, we left with every task done and our spirits (most of them) intact. How we managed to accomplish this is a mystery, but a couple factors contributed to our success: Jenny Lin and Emma Meersman. Emma is something of a computer herself, and she managed to crank out three times the amount of work of the nearest competitor. Jenny was our tireless leader, and she excelled on her first day of work outside the United States. Hannah Arrigoni was dedicated, and I might have managed to teach her how to follow directions after about 200 questions. The rest of the crew was equally as wonderful, and I think we might have formed the best team that TSC has ever assembled.

At about one in the afternoon, we finished our job and hopped back into a local bus.  We cruised on home and got ready to experience more of this foreign experience. Unfortunately, the temptation of GameBoys, books, and trashy magazines was far more enticing than the amazing town that we were staying in. As a result, only Hannah Collins and I (Abe) managed to leave the house. We wandered around and I got the pleasure of meeting Hannah’s best local friends. They seemed very nice, and I suppose they would have been fun during her six month stay in the spring of freshman year. The real point of our walking mission was to scope out a possible salsa location for later, and when we completed this task we returned home.

Everyone was excited for the dance. Well, not everyone. Kit has been working on his sunburn from Saturday, and it is now brown and bubbly. He refused to go salsa dancing, insisting that he never wants to be touched again after a fly landed on him and it hurt terribly. At the salsa place, there was a little man who taught us how to salsa dance with fiery passion. There was an unpleasant rotund guy with a blue shirt and beard with whom Hannah Arrigoni danced with multiple times. I think she liked it. Azor and I (Jenny) were probably the best pair. Abe was hit in the jaw by Alex’s shoulder every time we “side-stepped.” Alex weighs 216 pounds and likes to look at his muscles when he’s bored, so Abe was in a bit of pain. Alex and Azor went to get their hair cut after salsa dancing; they were “fre$h”. The rest of the group went to get ice cream, where queso con fresas (strawberry cheesecake, not cheese with strawberries because that's literally so gross) was a big hit. Oniel double fisted two cones of ice cream—such a champion.

Before dinner was Disney sing-a-long time in the girl’s room while the boys talked about carzzz. We had a nice candlelit dinner minus the candles. Minh Bao did not touch a piece of food, not even the rice!  The plates were cleared and left to the duty of Azor and Oniel whilst Minh Bao immediately decided he was hungry and needed fried chicken. He misses Ezell’s. A group of people ventured to the five-star McDonald’s while Emma and I finished the last two operating systems and Azor and Oniel had a party with the dirty dishes. The girls came back and had a little Glee singing session that was ruined by Alex. Kit, Carlos, and Alex thoroughly studied Cosmopolitan magazine and the rest of us learned Kit’s favorite qualities in men and were left wondering: what is an alpha male? I just accidentally poured lotion in Abe’s hair while trying to apply it to Kit’s boiled shoulders. I think I have to go now.

Love from Jenny and Abe (who wrote the blog), and Hannah Arrigoni (who just has a lot of love in her heart and happens to be sandwiched between the two of us right now)


Note: Although Jenny has no shortage of self confidence, she was not responsible for any of the writing that described the exceptional job today. We promise.