Day 6 - Crimps and Strippers (and RJ-45s)

This morning we all woke up for a nice breakfast of oatmeal and juice. After everyone was done we headed out to the school to work on the lab. The main focus in the lab was seeing who could crump the best. Just kidding. We spent most of the day crimping wires endlessly, which required stripping wire and organizing the eight tiny wires into a specified order. It turned out to be harder than any of us could have imagined and at the end only 18 of the 30 completed ones functioned properly. Well, at least there’s tomorrow.

We went back to Antigua via the city buses which were packed to the brim on this particular occasion. The seemingly infinite bumps on the Guatemalan streets shook every bone in the body time and time again. When we finally got off the bus we were greeted with a delicious lunch of good old fashioned spaghetti and meatballs. There was guacamole on the side which was somewhat a mystery of what it was for.

After lunch we set off the climb the hillside that overlooks Antigua. It was only a ten minute walk up but the view was breathtaking. We overlooked all of Antigua with a monstrous volcano overshadowing the city. The girls quickly began to fix their hair and practice their smiles (and head tilts) as they snapped picture after picture. The boys were not quite as enthusiastic but eventually lumbered to the front and posed for a group picture. I the midst of all this Ben, Minh, Abe, and I found a flat spot and enjoyed a few kicks of the ole hacky sack.

While walking back to the house we noticed some basketball courts with some games going on. We decided to stop and play, thinking that we would be able to clean up. Unfortunately, we were humbled by some guy from Dallas, a few guys from Belgium, and a true Guatemalan. All of them I might add were over twenty. Perhaps the highlight of the basketball game was after it when Ben launched a half court shot that rattled home on the first try.  

We came back the house and had a classic dinner of rice and beans which really hit the spot. After dinner, the boys sat down to watch a copy of Paranormal Activities 2, which Kit and Alex had bought from a vendor on the street. To our dismay, it did not work and we were left unsatisfied. Luckily, the girls had also bought a copy of Black Swan but that proved to not work well either and left people even more frustrated.

Later everyone went out to get a late bite to eat. At the end everyone gathered at the central park but Ben and Minh were nowhere to be found. They had gone to a pizza place instead of going to McDonald’s or the coffee shop with anyone else. Half the group went home, accepting that they would probably roam the mean streets of Guatemala lost forever, and the other half stuck around and kept looking. Fortunately, Ben and Minh showed up and everyone made it home alright.

Throughout the night Jenny and Hannah have been calling people in individually to talk about the trip. “It really gave me a chance to vent and express my true feelings”, says Abe. Overall I think the meetings were a success.

As I sit here and hear the roosters’ cock-a-doodle-doodling, I realize just how different a place this is from Seattle. It’s hard to make plans here when so many things may or may not happen. Is the bus going to come today? Will the water in the shower be freezing or burning hot? Will the volcano explode and destroy the whole city? All of these things remain unknown but one thing is for sure when we go back to Seattle: homework is going to suck. For this, I hope our remaining days in Guatemala are fun and action packed. It’s getting late so I should go to bed.



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