Day 7 - Why Freshmen are the Worst

Today we were all woken up by a combination of Mike yelling, Jan yelling, and Jenny waking up everyone in sight. We were greeted with a very suspect breakfast of toast, eggs, and Kraft cheese. After eating we set out for the school to work in the lab.

There was not much to do in the lab so Jenny assigned about half the group to play with the school children instead. Maya, Oniel, Kit, Alex, Minh, Carlos, Hannah Arrigoni, and I were excused from lab duty for the day. We headed down to the park to play with the kindergartners who were in the middle of a very intense obstacle course. After the kids were through at the park we headed back to the classroom for some coloring. Maya had the privilege of having the cutest kid in the whole school (and Guatemala) sit on her lap. “I did not know they made kids this cute. I’m planning on taking him home in my tub,” said Maya. This could lead to an awkward situation at customs but we feel it could be worth the risk.

Meanwhile, Abe, Jenny, other Hannah, Judy, Emma, and Ben stayed at the lab to actually do some work.  Therefore, I will be letting the Abe write this paragraph. Thanks Azor, today had one primary issue that we had to overcome. Although Jenny has generally done exceptional work, she left the freshmen in charge of measuring all of the networking wires yesterday. As you can imagine, this lead to a disaster as most of the cables were simply the wrong size. You don’t know the meaning of rage until you crawl around and under seven tables while wrestling a cable only to discover it is half a foot too short.  It is not clear if this was a result of faulty math skills, inexperience, or sheer laziness. Regardless of the cause, we greatly appreciated their efforts as we worked in the sweltering heat to discover their errors. Thankfully, this process went very smoothly, and we cranked away at an impressive pace. Soon, we had 30 computers plugged into a network, and it was time to set it up so that it would be usable. This provided plenty of stress, but we managed to figure things out in an hour or so. Soon, it was time to call back all of the soccer players to help us with the finishing touches. Everyone manned a couple of computers, and Jenny stood on a chair in a partially successful attempt to have an impressive presence while delivering instructions. I don’t think she weighs in at over 110 pounds though, so this was as funny as it was helpful to the team. Still, she was able to lead everyone though the networking process. Soon we managed to finish things up, and a look around showed that everyone was very ready to go back to our house for the relaxation that everyone deserved. Okay, now back to Azor.

Now it’s time for TSC’s first ever time travel blog. While the tech savvy kids were slaving away in the lab the rest of us were invited to participate in a soccer game with the local school. During the first match we could only watch as a team of what seemed to be 7 year olds dismantled a team of 12 and 13 year olds. Still, we went into the game confident that we would be able to use our size advantage against the 11 and 12 year olds but were quickly mistaken. Next, Carlos, Ben, Minh, Kit, and I stepped on to the field and the game began. We quickly were down 1-0 but a goal by Kit not ten seconds after evened the score. Things went downhill from here. We found ourselves down 4-1 in the blink of an eye due to subpar defending and spotty goal keeping by usually great soccer phenom Carlos (LOL). Alex switched to goalie and the team suddenly had life. We made one last push and pulled to within one. Unfortunately, we ran out of time and lost 4-3. The girls’ game followed with Judy holding down defense, Maya and a random Guatemalan girl played midfield, Hannah Arrigoni was the striker, and Oniel was in goal. The girls jumped out to a 2-0 lead with Hannah Arrigoni dominating and powering the ball through the wickets and Oniel excelled at keeping balls out. The girls however ran out of steam and ended up losing the game by a final score of 4-2. We left defeated in score but not in spirit and headed back to finish up the lab.    

When we got back to the house we had a delicious lunch of fried chicken and potatoes. We then set out for La Merced (the town’s big old church) and went exploring. The high banisters with rock walls all around looked like great climbing objects. Alex, Kit, and I could not resist and after some debating decided to climb up a rock wall, all the while avoiding the glass that was put there to prevent people from doing exactly what we are doing. It was all good and dandy until a worker at the church saw us and told us to get down. We grudgingly obliged. We left the church and everybody split up. Some returned to Sky Café for quesadillas, some girls went to look at the local spa, and others went for ice cream and cheesecake. We all met back at the house around 7 for a nice dinner of empanadas and juice.

Gambling has become a popular post-dinner activity and today was no different. We played dice and pops until some had piles and piles of money and others were left crying and broke. The highlight of the event was a game of street dice with all the boys. We all put in some quetzals and the pot quickly rose to 35 quetzales. After ten minutes of tense rolling, Carlos emerged victorious. “This is the happiest moment of my life! Gambling for me has finally paid off,” exclaimed Carlos, who had previously lost all other betting events.

All in all it was a good day but now it’s getting late and I have to go.

See ya,

Shout out to Samantha Montarbo, the other half of the HamSam duo that will accompany Hannah Collins and Jenny Lin in the “best friends” award for the senior polls. Also shout out to “the fam” from Hannah Arrigoni (keep commenting on the blogs, she loves it!)

Now that we are past this silly shout out and Hannah is done bugging me, I (Abe) can add the next update on Kit’s sunburn. Although we thought the day would never come, it has finally started to peel off. The scale of this is immense, and it reminds me of a molting lizard. Also, he changed out of his black beater (and almost bathed) for the first time since the hike, aka five days. I attached some pictures that will make the dermatologist inside you cringe.


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Jim Krieger says:

Well, maybe the dermatologists won't cringe...maybe they are happy they will have more business in the future.

Are you going to get a soccer rematch?

Jen Wesselhoeft says:

hello its jen

i love reading these i look at them everyday.

tell kit to wear sunblock.

i cant wait to see all of you when you come back

Dawn Lucrisia-Johnson says:

Poor Kit, I know that has to hurt. I only wish I would have sent Oniel with some Emu oil because he would have been pain free pretty quickly if he applied that immediately. I'm not sure I want to know how they extract the oil from the Emu (yes the bird), but trust me, we dealt with a sunburned friend in Hawaii with us and it fixed her right up. Again, these posts are great and I really appreciate having the updates. It sounds like despite the fact Alex was sick, Kit was sunburned and a freshman measured the wires you've been having a great time. Tell Oniel if she was one of the losing gamblers, there is some money in her account if she needs it.

It snowed here last night, but we should have nice weather by the time you get back.

Bob Huppe says:

Well, while you guys have been playing soccer, eating fried chicken an generally being great TSC crew (although I don´t know about the kid in the tub), I have been riding on bumpy buses, crossing choppy waters and eating gallo pinto. I have thought of you many times but most especially during the last two days when I got to stay with a family in the village of Balgue. The mom reminded me so much of Dona Mare (sp). She had aq ready smile, a good sense of humor and thought I could understand everything she said. Sound familiar.... I learned to cook gallo pinto, start a cooking fire, make tortillas a mono and fry eggs while rubbing the smoke out of my eyes. I am so glad to hear news of you. Can´t wait for the stories....Bob

Barbara and Sara says:

Hi Maya- You have always wanted a little brother, so just bring the cute little boy home!!! We are enjoying the blog and photos and it all sounds like a fabulous trip for everyone.

Kelly Arrigoni says:

Finally! A shout out from my daughter! (We miss you most terribly) Please tell Kit the bad news that Molly (Garfield gal) got booted from Idol...she is too damn smart for that show anyway so no worries. They are getting down to the last 24...needless to say we are glued to the screen! Glad to hear that Hannah was hot on the soccer field - but no wins against 12 year olds? Does this mean that Americans are soft?? Or slow? Hannah you should act like me when Kit does not apply sunscreen....and demand he apply the spf! Where you a spa girl or cheese cake? Both sound right up your alley! Love, Mommers

Lynna says:

Maya!!! Take the small child. I hear a play date with links!

Samantha Montarbo (sam) says:


i miss you so much and i guess i miss jenny too heheh seattle isnt the same please come home soon!

and thanks for the shout out..also just looked at the tiny pic of kits burn ahhhh! someone told me vinegar works i dont know why but its worth a try, right?

also ham check your fb messages!!